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Advanced Carpet & Tile Cleaning utilizes a professional tile and grout cleaning system that will keep your tile floors looking bright and clean.

Our cleaning solutions break through the grease and grime that regular mopping leaves behind, and our sealer helps extend the time necessary between professional cleanings. You’ll notice the difference in your grout lines!

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Getting Great Results

Ceramic and porcelain tiles begin to look dull with use, and their grout lines get darker and darker. Regular mopping does little to improve the overall appearance, and over-the-counter cleaning products build up over time.


  • Clean Up Stained Grout
  • Erase Discolorations
  • Restore Shine
  • Protect Grout With Sealer
Tile floor in room

No Cutting Corners

Most tile cleaning tools have a round head shape, but we also use special straight tools to reach everywhere a circular tool might miss. 

  • Inside Corners
  • Along Baseboards
  • Under Cabinet Overhangs
  • Behind Fixtures
Corner of a tile bathroom

Inspection Is Key

Our technicians need to inspect the overall condition of your tile and grout before cleaning to ensure that any pre-existing conditions won’t become worse during the cleaning process. In certain cases, we might recommend that you have repairs done before having your tile professionally cleaned.

  • Chipped Grout
  • Missing Grout
  • Loose Tiles
  • Cracked & Broken Tiles 

Call us today to see how we can dramatically improve the overall look of your tile floors!

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

We utilize proven & safe methods to safely clean your grout and tile.

Did You Know?

Bleach and strong citrus cleaners might damage your tile surfaces and porous grout.

Use wax-free, neutral pH cleaning products to maintain your tile floors in between professional cleanings.

Tile Citrus Cleaners

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I trusted them with a prized possession of enormous sentimental value, as well as monetary value…a Persian silk rug that my son brought back from The Middle East, during the war in Iraq. They did a beautiful job, and I am extremely pleased. I have since had them clean a wool area rug, and it was a five-star success, also!

-Ann W.

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Professional, friendly, and quality work. Would recommend them!

-Andrea L.

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I had a bad stain on the office carpet. Advanced carpet cleaning replaced a portion of the pad at my request and cleaned the carpet. They did a fabulous job and were wonderful to work with. I am extremely satisfied.

-Sharon K..

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